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ENGLISH Comprehension for beginners 1


Read the below short passage and answer the following 

   My name is Raj. I am studying 3rd class. I have a red bag. I keep my books in it. I am going to school.

Fill in the blanks.


My name is                               .

Raj has a                        bag. 

Raj is going to            .

True (✅) or  False (❎)

Raj has a red bag.   

Raj keeps books in to a bag.  

Raj is in class 2.  

He is in the school. 

Choose the  correct answer.

1.    Which class is Raj studying in?                   

A ) 2nd        

B) 3rd                

C) 4th

Ans. - 

2.    What is the name of the boy?                            

A ) Gopi


B) Raj  


C) Manu

Ans. - 


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