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ENGLISH Comprehension for beginners 2


Read the below short passage and answer the following 

        Sima has a dog .The dog name is Max. It is brown in colour. Sima plays with it.It runs very fast. It likes to eat bones. Sima takes her pet to vet. It says bow…wow...

Fill in the blanks

(bow..wow..,vet,Max )

1.Dog's name is                       .

2.Sima takes her pet to            . 

3.Dog says            .

True or  False

1. Max is brown in colour.

2. Max runs very fast.

3. Sima likes to eat bones.

4. Sima plays with her dog.

Choose the        correct answer

1. Whose dog is Max?

A) Kavitha's

B) Sima's

C) Pooja's


2. Where does Sima take her pet?

A) farm

B) vet

C) temple 



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