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ENGLISH Comprehension 9



Read the passage and answer the following questions..

This is Amol. He is eight years  old.  He  is  tall and fat. He has curly hair.He can ride a bicycle  and swim well.

Q. 1 Fill in the blanks.


1.Name of the boy                               .

2.Amol has     hair .

3.Amol can                        well.

Q. 2 True (✅) or  False (❎)

1.Amol is tall and thin.   [        ] 

2.Amol can ride a bike.   [        ] 

3.Amol is eight years old.  [        ] 

4.He has curly hair.  [        ] 

Q.3 Choose the correct option.

1.    How old is Amol?                                                 

A ) five  

B) eight                             

C) seven

2.What does he can ride ?           

A ) a bike          

B) a horse 

C) a bicycle


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