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ESSAY WRITING-India's National Symbols

India's National Symbols

    India's national symbols are symbols India's rich heritage and cultural identity, representing the country's values and aspirations.
National Flag: The tricolor flag with saffron representing courage and sacrifice, white for truth and peace, and green for faith and fertility. The Ashoka Chakra in navy blue symbolizes righteousness and progress.

National Emblem: The Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath depicts four lions standing back to back symbolizing power, courage, confidence, and pride. The motto 'Satyameva Jayate' (Truth alone triumphs) echoes India's foundational principles.

National Anthem: "Jana Gana Mana" composed by Rabindranath Tagore is a hymn praising India's diverse culture and diverse landscapes, evoking a sense of unity and patriotism.

National Bird: The Indian Peacock represents grace, beauty, and vibrancy, known for its striking feathers.

National Animal: The Bengal Tiger symbolizes strength, agility, and India's biodiversity.

National Flower: The Lotus signifies purity, spirituality, and growth, deeply rooted in Indian culture.
    These symbols collectively embody the essence and ethos of India, reflecting its diverse culture, values, and rich history.

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