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Paryay Shaikshanik Yojane DECEMBER 2021 (Alternate Academic Calendar)


Alternate Academic calendar –  December 2021

                    Class - 4 - 10

Medium - Kannada ,English,Marathi,Urdu (All medium pdf will available soon..)

Languages - Kannada 1st Language, Marathi 1st Language, Urdu 1st Language, Sanskrit 1st Language,English 2nd Language,Kannada 2nd Language,Hindi 3rd Language

Core subjetcts - Science ,Maths ,SS,P.E.,EVS
        Even if schools are closed due to the Corona pandemic, students need to be provided with a good education.However, in order to provide better education to the students following the rules of social distance, the Karnataka Education Department has made available the planned syllabus and study worksheet for the month of December 2021 on the website of DSERT.
        Conduct the planned specific /suggested activities/related to the grade learning for the month of December 2021 learning in all the subjects of class 4 to 10 from  e Samved Classes.
      Utilise the Alternative Academic Calendar provided by the department to strengthen learning for the month of December 2021.
    Activities/ worksheets provided in the workbooks supplied by the department may also be used
as self-learning material to facilitate learning learning.

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